Defy Aging

Several years after opening her dermatology practice, Dr. Sciara took a keen interest in skin rejuvenation long before it was fashionable! Since that time, her practice has evolved into an exclusive cosmetic dermatology practice that remains on the cutting-edge of aesthetic technology.

Dr. Sciara uses a synergistic approach when developing a personalized treatment plan for her patients. With several lasers, glycolic acid peels, numerous cosmetic procedures and topical treatments at hand, she is able to improve the texture and appearance of aging skin. Brown spots fade, wrinkles smooth and the skin becomes soft and supple again while regaining its radiant youthful glow.

With the use of dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm, Dr. Sciara uses her knowledge of facial structure and artistic talent to soften fine lines and restore youthful contours by adding volume, giving the face a natural subtle lift.

Botox can minimize and even erase wrinkles that form over the years from everyday facial expressions. By gently relaxing the specific muscles that cause forehead lines and crow’s feet, Dr. Sciara can prevent the lines from returning. The result, you will look more relaxed and rested but no one will know why.

While all of the above treatments improve the appearance of the skin, if gravity is beginning to take its toll and the skin is beginning to sag, it may be time to consider Thermage. Thermage or ThermaCool technology stimulates the body to produce and tighten collagen in the deeper underlying tissue. Thermage has evolved into the treatment of choice for patients who do not want the pain, scarring and downtime of surgery.

With Dr. Sciara’s unique multilevel approach and natural artistic talent, she is able to create and celebrate the ageless face. With over twenty years experience and impeccable ethics, her patient’s trust her knowing she treats each and every face as an evolving work of art.

Dr. Sciara is literally “Defying the Aging Process”.